Sometimes I miss you
Hello everyone. My name is Maria.
I am a fiveteen year old German girl from Bavaria. This blog is me, so yeah.
das sagst du nur zu mir, wow wow wow und mein Herz schlägt schnell. Tschicki tschicki tschu wow, du gehörst nur mir,…. unter We Heart It.
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Shooting star night

It’s time.
This night, the 12 august!
If you can’t sleep and you look into the sky at 02:00 until 04:00 o’clock, there can be a few or many shooting stars.
I want to, but I hate the sky. If I see the sky this much, I get afraid at the moment..
sorry sky not your fault, my problem if I make something of it and I do.. at least instantaneous.
So I don’t know if I should stay awake or if I should try to sleep.
I have never seen shooting stars in my life.
My sleep isn’t this good the last week.
Months I am thinking about this night and then I am afraid of the sky and it’s mass. Why or why. This wideness and I feel unsafe under free sky. overwhelmed from the sky!
the same just looking out of the window.
and what is if there are no shooting stars at my view and I get lost and my control moves down.
feel free if the messages are working I guess it’s a general problem that they dont at the moment but yes send me a pic of your shootingstars or the fullmoon which shines pretty in the dark.
If someone ever read this, oh gosh I would feel esteemed and encouragingly :))
but just writing helps also…
sry for spamming your dashboard with this information, if u don’t care.

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bye guys this is my stop

I love the caption ^^
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